The Irony of Everlasting Love

July 4, 2008
By Maris Dyer, Csmeron Park, CA

When she tried to answer
You closed her mouth for her
With that one grey look of yours
Still and strong and deadly poisonous
And she bit her lip so hard
A dot of crimson blood appeared
And she didn’t need to lick it away
Because it blended in with her fire red lipstick stains
That had looked so alluring on the rim of your coffee cup
You remember now why you brought her
Into your home
As she looks so beautiful right there
With the rays from the sky light shining down
Into her mahogany hair
Six months ago, now would be the time
When you would hold her
And be happily in love
But now you only stare at her
In that dead, blank way of yours
She walks out of your apartment
With her brown, beaten suitcase
She turns, her posture perfect and familiar, and you see her eyes
Water slightly, and the light again catches
Making them sparkle with unsaid words
Her mouth forms a perfect red O
So as to say her apologies
Her possible pleadings and explanations
But instead walks, dignified
Down the modern hall of your New York apartment
The black heels clicking sadly on the parquet floor

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