how do you

January 15, 2012
how do you mend when your heart is so badly broken and your always in the wrong
i try to replace a tear with a smile
and a argument in to laughter
but we all have a braking point
how do you hold you head up high when no ones behind you when you happen to take a fall
when people belittle you like you mean nothing to them at all
when you Cris are silenced by anger and hatred of the people around
you try to show them you are strong but they always seem to be able to brake you down
i try to show that it is not hurting me that it is fine but any one who knows me knows AM lying
pleas stop degrading me making me feel less than human
i don't know how much more of this i can take my heat is acing at an unimaginable rate
i don't know how much more of this i can take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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