July 4, 2008
By Emma Hudson, St. Catharines, WY

You forced on a smile
Away you ran
There's nothing I should do
There's nothing I can

Your words are still ringing
In the back of my head
Tears stream down my face
My cheeks are bright red

I lay here, just waiting
You'd back, you said
Meanwhile, I'm vulnerable
My armour I've shed

Half a year passes
The tears have not dried
And I think when you left
A part of me died

And although time has passed
You;re still in my head
I want to move past you
But my legs feel like lead

Fall turns to winter
I'm starting to shake
All the clothes I have on
Are the tears you still make

Years have gone by
And I'm feeling quite cold
I want you to come back
But I have to go home

For months that pass by
I go on feeling numb
I need you here with me
I want you to come

Now the tears are still drying
And I still cry sometimes
And it hurts as I sit here
Making words rhyme

To all of you reading
My family and friends
There's nothing like learning
To live... again.

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