Last Light of Care

July 4, 2008
By Emily Kvale, Selkirk, NY

It’s been a while, but the light still hasn’t faded
Even though I can barely see it, and you’ve ended up jaded
The light still tries to shine and I know your not here
But I always did smile whenever you were near

And every time I look back on those days when you understood
All of those times when I never felt so good
You always loved me and gave me a heart
I never thought that we’d have to grow apart

But now if I try to look, I know you won’t be there
I wish so much you would, I know that you cared
Even if I walk out back to where you used to be
The light will burn out because you won’t see me

It’s like a broken heart lost by my best friend
I thought you would be there always ‘till the very end
But you got too sick and just left me standing alone
I thought that these writings were always written in stone

It makes me cry the most to know you’ve gone away
I told you everything, but you were too ill to stay
And the light is close to disappearing on things we shared
The darkness is covering you and the last light of care

I’ll have to move on alone, maybe I’m the one to blame
Even if I pretend I know it won’t be the same
But I can’t look into your eyes and tell you of my pain
And you can’t look at me through that window pane

I never did say goodbye, guess I should say it now
But even if I do, I’ll know I’ll still think about how
The memories we shared were only about me
And now all that I wish is to hear you speak

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