As I send to you these words

July 3, 2008
By Nkonyezi Nanyamka, Flower Mound, TX

As I send to you these words,
Your reflection is in my heart.
I wish you all the love in the world.
I share with you inspiration, never ending like space. Let these words sing to you a lullaby,
May stars brighten your dreams.
As you run along seashores and dance to Ocean’s beat,
listen to shimmering dolphin sing his solo, While tangoing tunas swing their fishy tails to the beat of drumming seahorses.
Dance your way into the ocean. Let her waves carry you to mamboing mermaids. And when tangoing tunas have left for the day, shimmering dolphin will retire for sure. Drumming seahorse and mamboing mermaids will be your guide to our rainbow palace.
I shall reach out to you, with love in both hands,
Welcoming you back from a magical journey.
Our golden secret

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