Prolific Writers Peace

January 20, 2012
Morning sun rises late in the day
The moon sets early and the soulful spirits lay.
The world perpetuates with greed and misery.
People suffer in the Congo in need of aid and care.
The only thing they look forward to is when the next meal will be or if their lives will turn out as they want it to seem.
They hold hands as they keep hope and pray, they never complain, even when they are dismayed.
Knowing that their parents try each and everyday is enough, but their stomachs are never stuffed.
We, Prolific Writers, wish to give hope and spread the word of Peace through our work. All forms of art diversified with all types of people with love filled in their hearts.
We drive to make the world a better place.
Remember us, because it won't be the last time you'll be seeing our face.

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