A Life Of Your Own

July 3, 2008
By Victoria Valentine, Orlando, FL

You left me empty
feeling all alone
a perfect heart shattered
never to be re-sewn

You left me stunned & broken from head to toe
How cold you leave me, for a life of your own?
My memories are now so very clear
Those winter days you held me close
your quick smile that showed no fear
the warm hugs I dearly miss
and that ever reliable kiss, to calm me quick

I never understood why you left
you were the only one who could calm my tears & fears
the only one who knew me for me and loved me all the same
the only one I needed and missed everyday
but yet..
your the only one who has me broken deep down inside
questioning, why i wasn't good enough to keep you by my side

Through my tear streaked eyes i watched you go, walking out the front door, and tearing a piece of my soul as you shut the door closed.To leave and never again hold me close. I tried to be strong, i tried to stand tall but as soon as that door closed a part of me was gone, and all i could see was the flood of my heart, never would i be whole

You used to be my everything
my daddy, my hero, a part of my soul
i used to be your little girl
the one you loved to hold
but now were perfect strangers in this world so cold
except now i'm the only one left behind feeling all alone

I now know things will never be the same
you'll always be my father
that could never change
but no more am i your little girl
who holds on to daddy’s every little word
But your daughter who has to open the door you left firmly closed,
when you left me alone, all for a life of your own.

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