be the bigger person

July 2, 2008
By amanda pagano, Briarwood Queens, NY

Be the bigger person

Our teachers have always spoke of horrible things

While studying history isn’t as easy on the heart as it seems

We had a discussion for only a few months ago,
We learned the horrors of the middle passage to and fro

But did we have to know the harsh words that were exchanged,
By the two that were just walking in the snow?

If you really want to know, about the talking (and walking) in the snow, just remember your actions really do show

Some kids from my school were acting like huge brainless fools, a woman of the same race stopped to look not knowing of her future duel.

As another woman walked by of a different race she muttered some words that should have only been hers!

Although they were low they were definitely not unheard the other woman thought she had gone absurd, to have heard such discriminating words.

She did nothing, surprised by her actions, trying to eliminate her biggest distractions.

When the atrociously discriminating lady had left the other was asked a question by the big fools

“Did you hear what that lady said? Why didn’t you knock her dead?”
She replied “what good would it do? That would make me bigger than who? The best way to act is as if you know god will be sure to get her back”.

Remember the things that really do matter and don’t listen to the chatter, people are both good and bad even if on the outside they appear raving mad.

Interactions can be the sad side of life, but we might not know it’s always worth the strife.

(For call it what you want, for a lesson can be learned; make sure what you act upon doesn’t reduce you down to the other persons height once you learn to get down there its quite hard to get back up.)

[This is a poem about a racially charged situation where the role model was an African American woman who demonstrated reserve when she faced a challenging situation. Other students were able to learn from her example of how to diffuse verbal abuse.]

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