The Tale of Narcissus and Echo: Tragic to the End. (Acrostic)

January 19, 2012
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The famous tale
Hunter of Thespiae known for his life, his pride, his death and beauty
Exceptional in all.

The inability to love
Anyone but himself
Lead to his fatal blow, when the nymphs seeked out Nemesis, the
Eternally hateful goddess of revenge.

Oblivious to the curse and
Fury that now rests upon him

Narcissus seeks pray,
Away from civilization near a pond where Echo
Rests. There the nymph
Cries. Punished for helping Zeus get rid of his wife.
I love you. She wants to say.
She weeps, but cannot speak, until another does.
She can only repeat… repeat. Cursed.
Until another speaks…

And so Narcissus hunts
Never hearing never seeking for love
Daring to turn away from love.

End. That is the end of his life when he nears the pond
Creating his infectious reflection. Only ever letting him
Hover above and watch but never touch or embrace or kiss.
Oh, the curse of Nemesis:

Tears roll down the cheeks of these petty lives
Remembering the beauty of both
Another dies
Growing a beauty in its place.
I see lives that do not know of this tale that sprang from
Cruel and hateful revenge.

To this day she lives
Only repeating, repeating other’s lines

The muffled cries of this damsel, never answered, never
Heard, bounce off the walls of a cavern deep away where she sleeps always
Eternally sad and remembering the flora that now lives

Enrooted to her only love’s death place

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