A Letter To God

July 2, 2008
Dear God,

I need you at this moment in my life

Because honestly im lost and confused

I hate this world right now

All its filled with is darkness

and abuse

Take my hand God and never let it go

Please guide me through life until

eternity grows

Keep me away from the devil because

I’ve done served my time with him

You shall send me back

You must want the devil to my God

He’s not though you are you’re my

one and only

Im numb he has my body in control

My own heart and soul is what he

has stole

Im in a world of darkness

Seeking for the nearest light

I need a hug of comfort to know

things are alright

Knees and hands is were I fall

I love you God but its hard to

stand tall

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jonathan cook said...
Nov. 26, 2012 at 10:21 am
this poem is the bomb digity  
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