Proper Adjustment

January 19, 2012
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Proper adjustment is what the world needs,
it seems everyday it gets harder to breathe,
chemicals and fumes got every mind confused,
working so hard to earn but always seem to lose,
can these problems be solved or has all hope been dissolved,
mixed in with full of s*** politicians,
who never take the tI'me to listen,
to the struggles of the people,
they decide on their own,
leaving their voices unknown,
their pain stays steady,
as the pressure gets heavy,
wait till they explode like confetti,
cuz I'm ready, cuz my issues are petty to those of the poor,
i ain't talking down I'm just being sympathetic,
i feel your pain like a headache,
people say its based on the life you chooses,
but doesn't matter what you do,
this world is polluted,
innocent people being executed,
we don't notice,
because we are so secluded,
in our own little bubble,
radios and TVs just help provoke that trouble,
beer,babes, Bentley's, and a joint,
no modern day song has a point,
I'm just a realist tryna spark some Romanticism,
to help prevent a global cataclysm,
you probably think I'm wrong,
but sooner or later you'll catch on,
you'll find your significance,
and be freed from your ignorance,
so please just think,
that this world gets more messed up everytI'me we blink.

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DavidG96 said...
Jan. 31, 2012 at 6:15 pm
ha messed up! its supposed to say: "cuz im ready, for whatever life has in store"
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