Can't Be Undone

January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

Like a strong winter wind it hits you in the face,
Everyone looks away; you're a disgrace,
You don't understand how this happened or why,
Now in this darkness you start to cry,

You don't know what to do; you can't find yourself,
It's all so confusing no one's coming to help,
You don't know where you are or how you got here,
Depression takes over and you dive deeper into fear,

It's all a mystery it's all so bizarre,
In the fire of your hate you don't know who you are,
You think you can control what's going on,
In the shadow of your failure you know you're wrong,

You think you know everyone around,
In the fading light your ignorance weighs you down,
You want to understand why there's always thorns,
But in this blackening peril your mind is torn,

You want things to be different and change,
But everything around you stays the same,
It hurts so bad it hurts so much,
But the pain still remains there's no one left to trust,

This secret you have is too much for someone else,
It's killing you but there's no point in help,
It's already ruined you it's destroyed you within,
Now your reasons for living are growing thin,

You're just trying to get through the day,
Telling them apart is hard they all end the same way,
With regret, suffering and pain beyond belief,
Sleep used to be your only relief,

But now even rest escapes you,
In this hell you don't know what to do,
The days are filled with no hope,
At night you're left with no way left to cope,

With the reality of who you've become,
But even though you've realized it nothing can be undone,

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