Familiar Stranger

January 19, 2012
By Anonymous

You talk to me but you don't care what I say,
You hear me but you don't listen to my words,
You stand by me but you don't who I am,
You you wanna be there but I don't think you can,

You say you care but I never see it,
You say you love me but I never feel it,
You make promises I know you can't keep,
You can't see all the scars underneath,

You never will; your world is all that there is,
Your problems are the only things your eyes see,
You're never wrong and another "wall" is built,
You're the only one right and another tear falls,

Can't you see that all I need,
Is the love you once showed me,
I wanna care, I wanna love,
But it's so hard when you give up,

Just once keep a promise,
Just this once stay safe for me,
Just this once try to be there,
Just for once, please, show me you really care

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