Her Rusty, Old Sneakers

July 5, 2008
By Amanda de Oliveira, Milford, MA

She quickly rushes through the closet.
Unfortunately, I am not deposited.
She throws me across the room
and grabs the shoes matching her costume.
The red high heels look great.
Now, she’s about ready for her date.
I am not jealous, however,
‘cause we’ve been friends since forever.
Sure, I can’t see her glamorous side
but I never miss a wild ride.
I’ll just wait ‘til morning
then there will be no mourning.
Her heels might go on special nights
but I get to see all the wonderful sights.
Yes, I’m old, dirty and surrounded by scratches.
I’m also covered in mud and filled with patches.
But those are just marks memories left us,
and it does not make her like me even a tiny bit less.
I still go to school with her-
It’s me she’ll prefer!
For football outside in the dark,
I’m the one she took to the park.
When she’s biking in the rain,
I go with no complain.
If it’s soccer with the boys,
I’m the one she enjoys.
When it’s the mall with her gals,
I’m the one most comfortable with her pals.
Even when it’s secret getaways or sneak-outs,
I’m the one to count on without doubts.

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