A Horse's Soul

July 1, 2008
By Amanda Moore, Upland, CA

I always knew
That it was true
That life beyond this gate,
Was going to be new
I was broken into my owner’s whip,
Tied down to the last bit
I held my own through it all,
Until it was time to break away, and fall
I raced beyond the trees,
Feeling the earth beneath me
Letting the wind whisper, “Freedom is better, you’ll see!”
I was tired of my long, lonely road
Of being some four legged load
I bucked and danced into the sky,
Letting every part of my let loose, and come alive
I am now in a world,
Where I’m myself at last
My mane follows the winds whispers,
Listening to it
Luring me into a place I’ve never been
I break into a trot
I break out into a canter
Now it’s my time for me to run
I unleash,
The breeze catches me,
High into the air,
Bringing me back to a place I call,

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