January 19, 2012
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for who and what I like
Why does it matter to them?
My “real friends” now can’t accept me
because I followed a new trend,
but I didn’t follow, my heart led me this way
God can only judge me and I hope he still accepts me
Who says you can’t go both ways?
If it’s him I love then it’s him I shall be with,
but if it’s she I love, then it’s she I shall be with
Men don’t understand what a woman goes through,
but a woman,
she understands completely
She’s there to listen, to keep me happy
No, she’s never too busy
It’s her love I feed on
and he’s there for other causes,
to bring satisfaction to my needs.
It’s a new experience I may say
but I think everything happens for a reason
So I wouldn’t have this any other way
So please world, accept who I am
Yes I’m bi-curious,
but it doesn’t change my personality
and if you don’t understand
then you don’t have to be around me
I came in this world alone,
and alone is how I can leave it
Either a girl or a boy, whichever I may choose
It’s my choice on what person I let stand by my side
and I don’t need anyone telling me otherwise

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