July 1, 2008
By Francesca Bertoletti, Oak Park, IL

Your absence, it amps my heart beat.
It amplifies the love I feel,
in unconditional peices of routine
I'm lost for words;
Lost without the peice of me you seem to complete.

And it comes down to the every day quest
to wake up in the morning with clear thoughts, and to drift into sleep in peace.

Your absence, it digs deep.
Neon clors fill lwhat used to be calming realms,
Somedays it's on the surface,
and I'm filled with horror as my dreams seem to
Convert my fears into my realities.
But other days, it rips throuogh my inners
and I can't seem to release.

I stumble and fall, and I cry and I crawl,
Because something in such optimistic condolences frightens me to the chore.
And my subconscious shivers at thoughts of a prolonged return.

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