Silent Sickness

July 2, 2008
By Whitney Hronec, North Massapequa, NY

There's a poison that runs through her body and refuses to leave,
no matter how hard she tries to fight it, she can't break free.
Her skin turns more yellow as the days go by
she looks out the window everyday wondering when she will die.
She tries her hardest to build up her strength day by day,
only to hear the doctors tell her that she has to stay.
She thinks about her husband and wishes he was near,
she then thinks about his mind and wonders if he even noticed that she disappeared.
Every day it gets harder and harder to smile,
she gets so tired of constantly smelling of bile.
All her hard work soon is ended,
her sickness is one that could never be mended.
So she lay still and serene;
she looked like an angel, although she was tinted green.
She finally let go at the words of a little girl;
"I love you grandma, you're the best grandma in the world.
Although I can not be there to get you through this fight,
know that all I want to do is hold you tight.
I'll be okay, even though ill miss you alot,
knowing that you're hurting makes my stomach in knots.
So Grandma it's okay, if you want to be free,
just know that, I'll always love you, and there will always be a piece of you, in me."

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