The reason why

January 19, 2012
One night as the girl was walking with her sister she said, “Why are people mean?”
Her sister thought for a moment then said, “Why do you think there mean, my sister?”
The girl looked up at the moon and stars. “Because they have nothing better to do with their time then make other people feel worthless, like they don’t matter.”
Her sister took the girls hand and said, “My love do you know that for sure? I would like you to think back to the time when you and I switched from private school to public school. They looked upon us like we were of a lower social status then them. When really they are insecure. Past issues have changed them in ways they feel that can only be expressed in hatred towards others. It wasn’t that we were of a lower class then them; it was because we were different and they felt threatened by us.”
The girl again looked up at the sky, “Why do you think that now some people like, while others still don’t?”
Her sister took a deep breath and said, “My sweet, some still don’t want to accept the fact that they were wrong and that we are no different from them, while others see that we are just like them. We live in a world that is not always fair, love, but we have to learn to live through it. If we were to let every little thing bother us, we would be nothing, you see. We would be like everyone else, trying to lead perfect lives, and fixing the little things that we are suppose to let change us.”
The girl looked at her sister and smiled, “My sweet sister, I am glad we had this talk. I always feel safe around you and I am glad that we can talk about everything together. Some people aren’t as lucky as we are, but we have each other and that is all that really matters.

I love you my sister.

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