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January 19, 2012
By katlynnalexis SILVER, Clinton, Connecticut
katlynnalexis SILVER, Clinton, Connecticut
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"In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."
Janos Arnay

I encourage you
One day the girl said to her sister, “I give up on being Prom queen, someone stole my king.”
Her sister looked at her lovingly and said, “My dear, what do you gain by giving up?”
The girl sat deep in thought and then said to her sister, “I don’t know.”
Her sister smiled then said, “That is my point, you will gain nothing, my sister. There is no good in giving up. If you believe him to be your king, then he will come back and you have nothing to fret about.”
The girl looked upon her sister with tears in her eyes. “She has stolen him and will not let him go. He was once mine, and I love him. She has ruined it. He will never again be mine.”
Her sister looked at her with sympathy, “Wipe away your tears, my child, it’s not over. Every day is a new day. Nothing is ever permanent. If he loves you, then he will always be yours, my sister he will come back.”
The girl wiped her tears away and sat in silence then said to her sister, “Do you really think he will? I promise you that girl he is with, the one that stole him from me, is not good for him. She is a horrible person my sister. She does not love him like I do and he will never understand. In his eyes she can do no wrong and she is perfect, but she is slowly changing him I tell you. He walked away from me today when I tried to tell him of her ways. He has never walked away from me before.”
This time her sister had to think. She was silent for a while before she spoke. “My love, do you see what she is doing to you? She has you wrapped around her finger like string, don’t let her control you. She is feeding off of your pain. She knows you are hurting and she is using it to her advantage. My angel you need to talk to him, you have to tell him how you feel, instead of keeping it bottled up inside you. If he knows how you feel, I promise it will make everything so much easier for you.”
The girl looked at her sister and smiled, “You are right, if I tell him, maybe he will still feel the same way. I love you my sister.”

Just be you
The girl looked at her sister and said, “My sister, why are you looking to change yourself?”
Her sister looked at her, “I want to fit in.”
The girl laughed at her sisters in security. “My love, you are trying to be like everyone else, don’t you know you are perfect just the way you are?”
Her sister turned away from her and was silent for a while before she spoke, “It’s easier to be like everyone else then to be myself. If I be myself, people will make fun of me.”
The girl walked over to her sister and brushed the hair out of her face, “My dear sister, by being like everyone else you are not your own person. You are controlled by the world around you, but by being yourself you show that you are different.”
Her sister forced a small smile. “Nobody likes me for who I am, you see. I am nothing special to anyone. I’m not as pretty as the cheerleaders, or as smart as the advanced kids. I am just plain old me, who reads, write and keeps to herself.”
The girl looked up at the sky and spoke to her sister, “Sweet sister, don’t worry about who likes you and who doesn’t. In the end it won’t matter. You are special to me, love, doesn’t that count for something? I care for you and I love you. You are beautiful and smart and if people don’t see that, my sweet, they are missing out. You are not plain because you are yourself; you are a shining light, my sister that people chose not to see. If they knew you the way I know you, they would see just how remarkable you are.”
Her sister looked into her eyes as she spoke to her, “My dear sister, I don’t know what I would do without you, you see me in a way others do not and I am grateful to have you. You have shown me that it doesn’t matter who I am to other people as long as I like being me. I don’t have to change for anyone but myself. I am happy just being me and that’s all that matters.

I love you my sister.

The author's comments:
I had this talk again with my little sister, because some girl in her grade was trying to get her to change. She's like, "But you don't understand! she said she would be my friend if i dressed like her!" i was like, "are you kidding me? she isn't worth it,i love you for you, don't change for anyone."

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