Definition of my life

July 1, 2008
By Brittany Coleman, New Orleans, LA

This is the story of a broken heart
No, this is the story of my heart
Yes I do have feelings up inside of me
Thats why I can't let others look inside and see
They can't know how my heart feel
Because in my mind they're not sincere
No one is, they're out to get me
Out to kill me and leave me empty
They want abuse me and misuse me
And in the end they all confuse me
For a little stupid girl

Maybe I let my heart talk to much
Or maybe I dont let it talk enough
I dont know what it is but I wish I knew the cure
To be able to find love and still be pure
Dont want sex to be the reason that we last so long
Because sex could be the reason that your life goes wrong
Have people saying "look at her just another statistic"
So I have no intentions to even risk it
But he makes you feel if you dont risk it, you dont get it
Love that is, but he can forget it

That line right there just made me run
So here I sit back at point one
Never knew how love felt and probably never will
Especially with boys nowadays I'm a done deal
And please dont think I dont know the game
You can post me up in its HALL OF FAME
I know every trick in the book
So when you do it I intentionally over look
Truth is people who run game has a name and that name is not nice
Let that marinate in your head and make you think twice
But in the end Im the one who sits all alone
And when love comes in town I'm not its home
But i guess thats just the definition of my life

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