July 5, 2008
By Tatiana Pagan, Hamburg, NJ

Windows, lenses, glass and mirrors.
The ability to see.
No matter the distance,
And with size no longer an issue.
Each object holds importance.
Creatures can now thoroughly discover.
That many things lie beyond them,
Even if it’s not wanted,
It remains planted in place,
Waiting to be seen.

What exactly is ahead?
Something that every inhabitant fears.
Does it really exist,
Or is it another conspiracy?
How come so many questions are asked,
When there are clearly few answers?
Can an honest solution surface,
Before time runs out?
Maybe this is a catastrophe,
Meant to be unsolved.

No living being wants to envision,
What makes home,
Just passed the clouded walls.
A fantasy,
Fueled by denial,
Supposedly indestructible.
Unfortunately for us,
The walls are crumbling apart,
Awaiting for the moment,
That will determine our fate

What world goes completely unknown?
Is there another universe other than imagination?
Who could possibly experience,
An area pained by reality?
It’s fair enough to believe in something,
Entirely unrealistic,
Even as nothing else is clear
Dreams survive,
Because there will always be room,
For hope

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