Trapped in a Blaze

January 19, 2012
By askamienie BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
askamienie BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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What would you do when life flashes before your eyes?
The crackle of the wood underneath the night sky
Black smoke raced upward to cast a dark shadow
Screams and cries from the unexpected surprise

What would you do?

The stinging pain you get as sparks jump on to you
Watching valuables and personal items melt before you
Seeing the floor wincing in pain at your feet

What would you think?

Being so vulnerable all by yourself
Feeling the chance of death hover over you as a dark figure
Feeling hopeless as you look up, trying to find an answer

How would you feel?

Sirens yell at the top of their lunges in fear
Hoping that someone or something will be the hero
Everything seems like a dream but comes to be reality

Who would you think about?

Knowing that slowly the bricks crumble from each other around you
Things are a blur to your eyes as the room holds in a dense fog of smoke
Everything seems so chaotic, like nothing you’d ever imagine

Would you pray?

So much life left burning inside you
Life depends on every second and every decision you make
Just waiting and wondering what the outcome will be

What would you do?

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