July 1, 2008
By Danielle van der Eijk, Miami, FL

You wouldn’t turn their way,
At anything they’d do,
But something caught your eye,
They showed their world to you,

At first you were unsure,
But soon you didn’t care,
Even trying the things,
You were told to beware,

Brushing away all doubt,
You let yourself give in,
The new ways grew sweeter,
Complete with thoughtless sin,

But all you knew faded,
Friends left you behind,
Your old life fell away,
Joy no longer shined,

To have this broken life,
You gave up everything,
A chance at happiness,
Was what it failed to bring,

Hungering for this sin,
You wanted it to stop,
Yet, temptation won,
All hope began to drop,

Bounded by its shackles,
Struggling to break free,
A mere slave to this life,
Is what you came to be.

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