Different We are, But My Love For You Isn't

July 3, 2008
By Hassan Moustafa, Hyattsville, MD

Everyday I walk the grounds set by Him,
And Everyday I look into your brown eyes,
Wishing to say everything that I have come to feel,
But everday my tongue intrudes upon my thoughts and words,
You, the most beautiful crystal of the city that it has ever known,
Is probably unaware, intangible, and cannot be kept,
I love everything about you and with a pause,
Your beauty is a golden jewel that no one can decipher but my internal entity,
Your intelligence is the greatest I have come to encounter,
We may be different, raised by different beings,
From different cultural backgrounds,
But my beating and captivated love for you is always kept constant,
It is forever unchanging, unseen, hidden,
But it is alive in the days I have come to encounter your sacred presence,
You may continue to live in another light,
One that I cannot have or control with my will,
But one that I pray to Him everyday,
That I may be a part of one day,
When you come to the realization that I am the other half,
The other half that will unconditionally watch over you,
You may view that I love you with,
A passion that I have never encountered,
In the seemingly passionate romances,
Of all that love can convey
To a soul from another.

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