For you

July 1, 2008
By mriganka panjwani, Chicalim, ZZ

We climbed tall trees in starry nights,
And ran on wet grass with bare feet,
Couldn't help smiling in between fights,
And every second together was a treat.

You sprinkled dry leaves on my hair,
And then shook them off yourself,
You showered me with smiles to wear,
All on account of yourself.

I remember the way we loved to laugh,
with and on each other,
Late night calls and messages in half,
Completed by the other.

When it rained we sheltered together,
I miss the warmth of your hand,
And against the cold dark weather,
Beside me you would stand.

You make me feel so secure,
I think of you and my fears drown,
Because of you i feel so sure
of myself and the world around.

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