That girl

July 1, 2008
By Nazurah Nik Eezammuddeen, Shah Alam, Selangor, ZZ

When I remember you;
Hitting my chest mercilessly
My heart forgets to beat
My mind loses its sanity
Time stops; air is still
My breath barely exists
Joy and smile cease
Life’s worth nothing

When I miss you;
I fight with my dignity
I feel something for nothing
And nothing for everything
The uncontainable undefined feeling
Nothing’s right or fit
My heart just keeps on aching
Savoring your presence in memories

When I love you,
My world spins,
My sun is shining,
Life’s just exciting
My presence has its meaning
I pray; so you are happy
I care for you relentlessly
I give all that you need
I will die; so you can live
Your joy is my wish
Though never you shared with me
And I still wish,
You are loved by somebody
Though you wouldn’t know
The love comes from me

When I lose you,
Everything just die
Hopes ripped;
Pulls apart the will to live
I’m lying now soullessly
I am cold; I lose my sensibility
And I lose every part of me.

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