Last Chapter

July 1, 2008
By Ariel A., Brooklyn, NY

my mind kan just be running
with thoughts and emotions
thats never spoken out
but a single touch kan make me loose my mind

its the touch you give me
with that one single hand
that i want to hold forever
and never let go until we stand tall

there is a certain time
everyone says they want to last
which is forever
but forever kant always last

i want to stand by you
till the day
our eyes roll back
and our hearts stopping beating as one

i want to be your last breath
that you kan ever take
will you give me that chance
to show you i kan make it

ill help you to the finish
of your last chapter
your last sunset
and your last kry

ill be your warning
and your stop sign
when things get to hard
just give me that chance

give me the chance to hold you
lay with you kiss you
and dream of you
just let me be your last sin....

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