The horror of a dream reality

June 30, 2008
By Christopher Miller, Magna, UT

I am up,
It is late.
I can’t remember
What I ate.
I can’t sleep,
But, trying to.
Lying down in my bed.
It’s true!

Much later it is,
And I am seeing shadows,
Shadows that change,
Into scary fellows!
There trying to eat me!
In my bed!
Step on my feet!
And bite off my head!

So I hide,
Under my covers,
And feeling my bed,
And yes, it hovers!?!?

On my bed,
My hands clench tighter.
Closing my eyes,
And I am a fighter!
A mighty warrior!
The beast I smite!
And then go over,
And turn 0on my light.

Then to the kitchen,
There I go,
The fright is over.
What’s this? Oh no!
A giant wolf monster!
With big sharp fangs!
Sharpened claws!
And drool that hangs!

A warrior I am,
No more!
And soon the kitchen will be
Splat with my gore.
So I shoot to the corner!
My face to the wall,
My body forms,
Into a ball.

I stay like that,
For a wile,
On the floor,
Above the cold tile.
Thinking good thoughts,
Like bluebirds and honey,
And seeing things,
That are funny!

But when I turn my head,
The wolf is there!
Staring at me!
With an unfriendly glare!

What should I do?!
What should I do!?
I don’t want to become
A wolfs late stew!

So I jump!
And I can fly!
Above the beast!
What an unfriendly guy.
He stairs at me,
Angry and puzzled.
And I must admit,
I to am befuddled.
What am I doing,
In the air?
This is not a
Common flair.

I see a bird,
Long and black.
And on its tail
There hangs a backpack?
Wait, that’s mine!
“Give it back!”
I turn around,
Ready to attack!
But all that happened was,
That I turned around.
I’m just floating
Above the ground!

Then I fall!
Into my room.
On my bed, there is someone.
But whoom?

He is a man
Sitting down.
And on my desk
His fist he pound.
Then he lets out
A vary loud raar!
I flinch down.
My head to the floor.

Who is this man?
What does he want?
I don’t want to deal
With this kind of haunt!
I just want to sleep!
That’s all!
“Go away!”
To him I call.

He stands up,
And starts to walk,
Towards me!
I don’t talk.
I see him squat down,
Down to my level,
And in his eyes I see
The devil!

He shoots his arm,
His hand on my throat.
I see he is warring
A black leather coat.
He squeezes his fingers
Even tighter!
I feel week.
My body is lighter.

I remember nothing
After that.
Then I get up,
I did not sat.

I walk to the window,
My head at a slant.
I look outside,
And with a pant.
I say nothing,
Just breath and stair,
Out the window
To see nothing there.

No dark, no light.
Just nothing is all.
I can’t describe it,
So I guess it’s your call.

I had a sudden urge
To walk through it.
There was a glair.
A glair of light,
Is all I saw,
Or it could have been
Just nothing at all.

That’s the second time
That I blacked out.
When I was conchis again
I did not shout.

I opened my eyes,
Wide they were,
Sat up a little,
Said nothing, no purr.
I took a look
Around the place,
And did not see
A single face.

It was all a dream.
Relieved I was,
I stood up
And made a buzz.

So then I walk,
Out the door,
I herd a noise.
Then drug to the floor.

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