Grain of Sand

June 30, 2008
By Maggie Cregan, Mayfield Village, OH

The desert purrs to the rhythm of tonight.
Its body breathes; vast, immortal, one piece of larger whole.
And another body breathes; small, so mortal, one piece
Of an unsteady whole.
Steel cuts across the desert, marking one blooming flow’r
As different from another.
One grain of white-gold sand
Outweighs it fellows across the steel.
A brown eye so different from a blue;
A hand, a heart, a ribbon of steel.
And a grain of white gold sand
Clings to a running form.
A desperate leap, a mad scramble; the grain falls back to the desert below.
The shimmering sphere sees no more;
Knows no more, feels no more.
Sleeps again in the desert, under an ivory moon.
And brushes the steel, ever so slightly,
As it breathes to the rhythm of tonight.

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