In the Space of a Second

June 30, 2008
By Emily Erickson, Valencia, CA

the Earth for just a bit
and this is what you’d see:
yellow flowers, bumblebees,
a kid beneath a tree.

Somewhere softly Sally sighs,
somewhere there are fireflies.
In Arkansas, in a gym,
Joe plays basketball with Kim.

A hundred people count their toes,
a guy named Hal picks his nose.
Two million toilets being flushed,
in a theater, a crowd is hushed.

Mom pours pancakes with practiced ease,
a girl falls and scrapes her knees.
The ocean breaks with a mighty roar,
and in the valley eagles soar.

A tourist is lost in France,
someone buys a pair of pants.
In Africa a lion snarls,
a baby is born and his name is Charles.

The world is just so big, you see
it’s like a giant symphony.
Everything happening to everyone,
Life starts and ends as you count to one.

So if I sing my favorite song,
Who knows? Perhaps you’ll sing along.
And the sun will shine, and the clouds will rain,
and the whole cycle starts over again.

People sleep, people wake,
people give and people take.
Ricky shouts, “Lucy I’m home!”
and a girl reaches the end of her poem.

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