June 30, 2008
From the mountains of Tibet to the quiet halls of the monastery,

From the great mosque of Mecca to the smallest church in Providence,

Where the Pope sips tea with the Wiccan,

Both at rest with each taste of the fragrant gift from the Buddhist,

Krishna reads the Torah as the son of Israel lights the incense as the Shaman foresees the apocalypse.

The sun rises as the minister speaks, the crowd hanging on to each word that spills out

The sun sets as two children die, thousands of miles apart, but for the same reason

Fuel is added to every burning fire of fanaticism

The logical atheist scorns the blind and narrow-minded believer while being shunned for his lack of faith.

Yet both believe and the lines dividing the two are blurred.

The Ultimate Tool.

The Ultimate Weapon.

The Ultimate Reason.

The driving force behind many is faith,

But, in the end, what difference does it make?

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