June 30, 2008
By Rebecca Dutta, Fremont, CA

The simplest things in life can instill
Feelings beyond happiness in those who will
For an escape from the everyday doldrums of life.

The soothing hum of the priest’s sermons hangs above
as I rest beneath the protection of faith and love
Listening to the steady beat of the drum.

My eyes are soothed by this fruitful attempt
For an hour to think, one for which I have long dreamt.
At last some time to observe life, not mine, but that of others.

A young girl twirls in a bright red dress.
Her large innocent eyes twinkle, no lies to confess
I watch with envy, my emotions set.

She spins knowing all eyes are on her.
Her red dress spins so fast, she creates a blur.
I remain silent, comparing, wishing her to stop.

But my eyes refuse to look away.
She radiates heat like the sun’s warm rays
Something so pure I have never observed before.

I wish I was the little girl in the bright red dress.
Spinning, laughing, not wishing ill to another’s success.
And yet, sitting here, I feel only that.

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