Where is the love?

June 30, 2008
By Taylor Washington, San Diego, CA

Does it really matter if you get a hug in the morning,
or a "hey!" in the hallway.
To sit with someone at lunch or get a valentine.
Whats holding us back?
Does anyone care if the different one gets called last
Or if they spend weekends alone,
To simply get a comliment or a smile.
Where is the love?
Does the kid care if handed a dirty look
Or a smirk of disgrace?
To turn thier heads and backs to the one who dares to be different.
Whos gonna step up?
Does a comment from the third grade stick five years later,
Or the unkindness of a fake friend?
To break down with wrong intentions,
Of our own self consumed glory.
Where is the love?
Why are we desensitized?
Does anybody realize what is happening?
Or even going to try and stop?
To step up and think about what we are doing.
Will it affect a persons outlook on life?
Or the quality of it?
When will someone take charge?
If never loved by anyone except family.
What will that person do after all is said and done?
Will it break them down to a pivotal point
And leave a deep painful scar.
Or will the person embrace the tribulation
And use it to make them stronger and confident
To find the good in things
And never to be torn or brought down again.
It made me stronger
But it doesn't mean the same for everyone else.
Where is the love?

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