July 4, 2008
By Elena Nicolaou, Fair Lawn, NJ

Escape, they murmur
Their voices soft and tender.
Their words latch on to my heart
And slither through my head
Their whispers tempt me to
Pack up the remnants of my life,
And run away through the flames
But not let them burn me.
They tell me to defy my fate,
To stare it straight in the eye
And still come out in one piece.
Their voices give me courage
To venture into the unknown,
A place where there are no survivors.
My head says go, my heart says run,
But my feet are plastered to the ground.
So until the day of my liberation, I will listen
And listen
And listen
To their words of hope.
Escape, they tell me.
Run away, and never look back.

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