On my own.

July 4, 2008
By Jackie Garraffa, Mount Tremper, NY

It must be in the air
Cause something is so familiar
Is making me want to live with a care, for awhile.

Then you come again, interrupt me
I remember the voice of my friend
I stop for a minute, take a breathe
And begin to recall why I left.

Cause you broke me, Cause you told me,
What is love anyway?
Yeah you heard me, don’t deserve me.
I’m better than you anyway.
I’m off, don’t disrupt, Cause I’ve finally had enough.
Today, I escape.
I’m making my own way.

Trying to remember sleep that night,
Was like trying to remember the promises you kept.
How hard, in that mixture of lies.
Beneath us is too much love, too much to be dug up.

How many times will I have to tell this story?
If only I could learn from it.
But then I look into your eyes.

You’re killing me, and turning me,
You’re making me, your breaking me
I’m loving and I’m fighting
And the bond, keeps on tightening.

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