June 29, 2008
In a dream:
i was crawling through a field of knives. Bloody, bruised, and scarred screaming at the top of my lungs hoping someone would hear me and save me from the horrible mess i had put myself in.
When i awoke:
i had found what i was searching for in the field.
Searching for comfort, trust, and love.
Somewhere in the chaos, all the drama, depression, hurt, and anger, you found me and led me to a safer place. A place i could be myself and call my own. You brought me to a place without judgment, choas, and pain.
I was searching for comfort, trust, and love.
The day you saved me from my recklessness was the day i found it.
The day you let me into your world.
Led me to your heart.
The day i found you.

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