June 29, 2008
By Joanna Perron, Lowell, MA

Tell me why you treated me, as if you didn’t want to be with me?
All I ever tried to do
Was make things work between me and you
You made me think everything I did was wrong
When you knew it was you all along
Believing that you two are over
Until you were constantly comparing me to her
Agreed that long distance had no effect
I was definitely incorrect
I never opened up to anyone
The fear of being heart broken
Everyone knew our relationship was ominous
But I thought this opinion was ridiculous
Told me on the phone
You wanted to see me all alone
We met near the sidewalk
Said that we needed to talk
Gave you one last kiss reluctantly
Wondering what you were going to say to me
“We need to take a break.”
Without letting me say one word
You walked away and my heart dropped
On the way home tears rolled down my face
Wiped the tears from my cheeks
Didn’t see you for weeks and weeks
Went home and cried all night
Most likely every night
Thinking nothing I did was right
Realized that I deserve to smile
Decided to avoid you for a while
Couldn’t deal with the pain
Of being with you and without you at the same time
Finally came to mind
I had lost all my pride
News flash! I didn’t need you by my side
Gained enough strength to say
“We shouldn’t be”
You laughed and didn’t expect that from me
“If that’s what you really want” you said
Trying to make me feel guilty
Everything’s my fault putting the blame on me
Surprisingly without you I laugh harder
Restored my mind, heart, and became smarter
Cant say I regret being with you
You made me happy and could tear me down
Just as easy
I Laughed to myself
Wondered why I believed
That me and you would last
Me and you are in the past
Time for me to MOVE ON

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