Never Let Anything in the Way

June 29, 2008
By Jordon Rooney, New Castle, PA

Nothing Mattered No Need to Care
If something happened I had a dead stare
No reason to try, nothing turns out right
No point in trying in a losing fight
Pessimistic was the way to be
Optimistic just wasn’t me

One day u came along
For once I wasn’t thinking wrong
You made me smile n gave a reason
Would u ever betray me n commit treason
Trust is very hard to gain and keep
Instead of takin baby steps we took a giant leap

Im 2 years older than anyone in ur grade
That didn’t bother you, you weren’t afraid
First you said your parents would come around
They would like me for my heart cuz that’s what u found
I met them once and thought it was fine
I was ready to try this n call you mine

We talked everyday, I never felt like this
I came to your work we shared our first kiss
You were the reason I awoke each day
When asked who I liked, your name I would say
Could it be true that you were the one
Could it be forever that we share the sun

Just as in everything problems now arose
When something happens with us its like everyone knows
We thought about giving up, throwing in the towel
I said whats the point of even trying now
Not having a reason to fight was what troubled us
I called you one night with many things to discuss

We cried talking and said we didn’t want it to end
For all of our doubters and haters we had a message to send
The harder things are to accomplish doesn’t make them not right
Its just going to take longer to prove we had a reason to fight
Now motivated, nothing was getting in our way
If we were to ever end, it would be our say

We went on for awhile and things were amazing
Our relationship just wasn’t going fast, we were blazing
I told you I loved you and you said it back
Now your parental approval is what we lack
The time was here and you went to them to inform
We never expected the stunt they would perform

They grounded you and said I was too old
They didn’t want to know me, I was left in the cold
I made an attempt to talk but they didn’t wanna hear it
The thought of losing u, I never wanna fear it
2 years is all that separates you and me
But why is it our birth years is all they see

If someone is in search of a question they needed resolved
Someone answers it, does it matter the age of the person involved
They said I was too old for you a year ago
But if I was, then how would we make it like so
We fell in love and I know they say we are too small
Experience doesn’t make the smallest person tall

A heart is all one needs to know
When your daughter is heartbroken it starts to show
But how can one be heartbroken if they are too young to fall
Maybe you were wrong maybe you’re the ones that are not tall
Its possible that people can get the wrong impression
Im guilty of this also, ill make this confession

Its so hard to deal with the loss of what made your days light
She was here for me and I was here for her, every single night
All I ask for is the chance to let you see
Your daughter was right about everything with me
Even though your parents permission is what we lack
Never let this throw what we’ve got off track

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