The American Soldier

June 29, 2008
By Taila Hodge, Piketon, OH

They fight for our freedom
And protect us from afar.
They keep us safe and sound;
But while we're all nestled
All snug in our beds,
They're sleeping on the ground.
While we're eating steak
And McDonald's, they're all
Eating rations;
Yet the soldiers stand strong
And carry on
With pride, with honor,
And with compassion.
Now some of our soldiers in years
Gone past didn't get the
Thanks they deserved;
For that I'm ashamed, because the
Sacrifices they made are what
Kept our freedom preserved.
Now the torch has been passed on
To the soldiers of today, and they
Accept that burden with pride.
While we squabble at home
Over pitty little things, they
Fight to stay alive.
The next time you feel scared or alone,
Remember how they must feel;
Away from their families,
Far away from home, their pain is
Much more real.
So lets not forget the
American soldiers are the reason
We're able to say;
" I love my country with all my heart!
God bless the USA!"

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