January 12, 2012
By marisol21 BRONZE, Santa Clara, California
marisol21 BRONZE, Santa Clara, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Rise and Rise, until Lambs become Lions." - Robin Hood

Hidden behind the mask are the lies,

The secrets,

The power.
Like the stones that pile on the riverbed,

Are the unsaid reflections,

The abandoned hope.
All behind that petty little mask.

But why?

Why are they hidden?
Why is that inner turmoil left to suffer from, alone?
Is it because we wear many masks?
Or is it because we wear many masks?
Or is it because we can not learn to accept?

To coexist with each other?

Why not have a new mask?

One filled with hope.

With dreams?
But ah, no! That mask dominates us!

It rules us!
But can't a slave rebel against their master?

Ah yes,

He can.
A new fresh mask, oh, a dream come true!
And the old mask, well thrown away.

Now a distant memory.
Because no matter how much we try,
It will never completely leave us.

Oh, that mask!

The author's comments:
This was first a school prompt, but it soon became a favored task. I hope others take away some self confidence. And whatever else is worth taking.

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