New York Bound

June 29, 2008
By Annie Keller, Eau Claire, WI

In your apartment in the city
A picture of me rests on your cluttered desk
With your doodles and scribbles
Your paperwork and business cards
I miss you
Here where the skies have yet to be filled
With gray air and tall, glass buildings
I miss you
Here where the houses are tucked away
In pine trees and manicured lawns
I miss you
Here where sidewalks and flower pots
Still line the streets
I will always miss you
Here where you aren’t
Is dull, gray, lifeless
Your heart beats in a faraway place
But it’s louder and forever more beautiful
In the middle of nowhere
At the center of the universe
Darling, all you have to do is turn yourself around
And come on home

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