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January 16, 2012
By littleflower BRONZE, Arnold, Maryland
littleflower BRONZE, Arnold, Maryland
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she in her own world right now. wondering if she really knows who she is i mean were always changing so who are we really...i would love to her your thought s on this

looking up at all the people on the side walk i wish i had some where to go to i wish i had some one to love i am getting really hungry so i start to bark after about an hour some one gives me a hot dog so ill be quiet a little kid passed me by and petted my head it made me feel
loved i waited for someone to noticed me a big man did he picked me up and said you'll be a fighter i dint know it then but this man dint care about me he cared for money he put me in a dog fight i dint want to fight because the other dog never did anything to me the other dog won they all thought i was dead and left me behind a duster i cried a little until i heard a friendly voice i know that it my owners voice he heard me and pick me up tacking me to the vet i had a lot of cut put i was ok and the dog fighters all went to jail for a long long time i i lived happy ever after

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find hope in the hopeless

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