Sestina- untitled

January 15, 2012
The trees sweep from side to side
I hold on to his hand, swaying like the trees
He smiles at me as I bask in the light of the spring
I turn to him and smile back, face lit from behind
The wind blows the smell of daffodil through the woods
And I can feel the world turning, but time is still frozen

My dog breaks the silence, slipping on the ground, still frozen
We laugh and move so she can pass on our side
She runs off between the trees and it is quiet once more in the woods
The wind picks up again, whistling between the trees
It sends leaves spiraling around us and behind
The fall has taken over what was left by the spring

The winter comes to pass, but slowly gives way to spring
Cold bitterness seeps into the world, still frozen
I’m alone now, forced to leave the past behind
I lean on my dog now, using her to warm my side
The leaves no longer grow on the trees
The old life has left me like it left the woods

Yet younger life still springs from the ground in the woods
The world’s cycle continues with the spring
Though the tree I knew are no longer trees
They are now down in the ground, frozen
Soon I will join them, laying on my side
Leaving my dog behind

But my old love has yet to stay behind
He still wanders through the woods
Now by another’s side
Holding on to another’s spring
Not knowing his past is now frozen
Only having old memories stir as he wanders the trees

Suddenly, a flashback, someone climbing the trees
A dog barks from behind
The world is bright and joyful, unfrozen
The woods are a w world for us, our woods
Summer, fall, winter, spring
Always at her side

But her side is now lost with the trees
Summer, fall, winter, spring have been left behind
And not only the woods are frozen.

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