January 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Please watch me
I beg to be held
I writhe in the spot light
Everyone's attention but your own
I silently hope as you watch me
I watch emotions flicker through
You eyes sparkle under the light
You clap once when I finish
Another remark never to be made
Late that night I hear you
My eyes closed tight
Not wishing to hear your thoughts
I hear you turn to leave
But then you stop
And I think I hear you whisper
Words that make my heart soar
I want to show you that I hear you
But you just leave anyways
So I stay silent before I awake
My eyes glistened with tears
For words left unsaid

The author's comments:
Everyone wants their parents to be proud of them and when they don't think they are they will do just about anything to appease them. But they are proud even if they don't say it they will find away to show it

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