Meet Me in the Middle

June 29, 2008
By Michaela Tashjian, Green Cove Springs, FL

I’m standing on this feeble bridge wond’ring if you’ll ever start
The journey from the things you want, my dear, you must depart
I can’t walk any further now, you have to do your part
I fear this weight will break the planks, this wait will break my heart

I’ve made some changes for the worst, my darling, don’t you see?
It’s time for you to make changes for the better, love, for me.
But you don’t know how to listen, and you don’t know how to try.
You don’t know how to love or care, you’re leaving me to die.

How long can you keep me waiting here, before I must turn back?
It’s getting dark, this bridge is weak, you must fill in the gap.
But I’ve been waiting here like this for twenty-six days and nights
And you haven’t come to meet me in the middle, keep your plight.

And now I’m standing, under the bridge, buckling beneath it’s weight
I can’t hold it any longer, dear, I fear you’re much too late.
So darling, I must go now, even though I love you still
I should have known you’d never meet me in the middle, never will.

The bridge has fallen, between us this gap will forever lie.
You didn’t meet me in the middle, didn’t even try.
There’s no more bridge, there’s no more “us”, because you let it die
And though it hurts me greatly, darling, I must say, “Goodbye”.

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