Indelible Alton

June 29, 2008
By Chiyeung Lau, New York, NY

On the turn of Alton we pass the time

The Bird's Nest, See not a new soul
Sweet Devils water, imbibed and elates our mind
Our only escape in range
Until the psychopomp's boat is in sight

Must we see the lights?

13 candles lit in the most exquisite flame
Still, not a way to see out of indelible Alton
As the ambitions wash away with the rain
The dreams die fast as quick as their creation

616 days of restive nights

Work through all the frights
Of the 3rd shift nights
Speak the Ave Maria to Him
Staying on the limbo would be a sin

The gate is opening maybe a path will be made

Fifteen years since her wake
She never said I would make it
A dream like hers but it never faded
I would face it no matter what it takes

Indelible Alton never escapes you

Papa's sweet old town was always the same
Anthony's cross stay hung by the gates
Part of the life was trying to achieve the fame
The purgatory is in the horizon, our fate?

Four stars would illuminate the truth

Shut our eyes to our dismay
Would not mask the remnants of our pain
The sin of our old ways
As we drink Papa's water with no shame

So I escape like in the holiest dream

Three men lead me through the forest
7 Old ways sent through a fire
Lethe quenched as I drowned the tallest
Led to His song heard in dire

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