Flames Playing Games

January 12, 2012
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A chilling degrees,
Paralizing their knees.
Racing to the tower,
That the fire is trying to devour.
Breaking down,
Destroying the town.
Coloring the sky,
As the flames grow high.
The men in yellow,
Trying to help the dear ol' fellow.
That remains trapped,
As the building unwraps.
Heading to the stairs,
Dodging athe burning chairs,
The ceiling colliding in,
Hitting the frightened mans shin.
Dust and ashes,
Giving harsh flashes.
The saviors running through,
Giving the fire something to chew.
Seeing the ash covered man,
As weak as a strand.
Sitting....by the broken down fan.
Taking him over their shoulders,
Advancing away from the fires.
That had the smell of burning tires.
The walls colliding down,
Causing the airs to drown.
Running to the exit,
As the light disappears,
Bringing the outside more tears.
Looking at the flames,
Knowing its just playing games.

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