Ode To My Poetic Nature

July 3, 2008
By Samantha Coppock, Gladstone, MI

Poetry, oh Poetry
You are the delicate expression of my dreams and visions
My sweet sanctuary from the harsh realities of my solitude
You shall quench my thirst for companionship forevermore

Poetry, my sweet, gentle Poetry
You see into my mind with all-knowing eyes that pierce through the darkness that surrounds me
Your depth and meaning cannot be described with nothing less than my tears and praise
You, my only true love, and you alone are my God and my heaven
Yet you are also the poisonous hell that only I comprehend

Like a fresh breath of spring air after a long, dark winter you bring life to my soul
Life mournful lovebird you can make me cry, yet as love’s first kiss you make me sigh
Like lightning in a midnight storm, you keep my mind awake and my heart racing

I cannot compare thee to a summer’s day for the warmth does not melt my heart as only you do
No ice on Earth on in the leagues of Hades could send shivers up my spine as you can
No wind storm or earthquake of any magnitude could ever move me from this eternal love
No oath of immortality or devotion can ever break our bond, this lifeline we share

Oh great poetry, hear my plea,
Teach me your art, become one with me
If your beauty should cease to exist some day,
I too shall wither and fade carelessly away

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