What I'm Going Through

January 3, 2012
The divide,
The fights, arguments,
Knowing the inevitable will come.

The separation.

Some say it's hardest on the kids,
but who would really know?

However I know it hurts.

The burden is heavy and I want to tell someone,
but it's not my secret to tell.
It's not my place to share what's going on.

no one else will understand.

No one else knows what I'm going through,
what I've been through.

So even if I did share,
even if I told,
they wouldn't get it.

People alway say "I know how you feel,"
"I know what you're going through"
But HOW?!?!?!

You aren't the ones hearing them screaming at each other,
the one trying to hide,
locking yourself in your room to get away from the shouting,
the fighting.

You aren't the one whose tears are rolling down my cheeks.

So how would you know?

Tell me that!

Then maybe I'll talk to you,
then maybe I'd believe you.

But you're not here
so you wouldn't know,

And I've never told you.

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